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Passing the Hat: A Shared Joy


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At the Dr. Huxtable gig at the Cajun Attic last week, I won a Christmas-type conical hat; white trim, red sequins, the whole bit. Winning it made me happy; I wore it home out of sheer joy.

I brought it with me to the Nero CD/Christmas party, tucked into a pocket. Riding on the bus with a friend, I asked, "So, do you feel Christmasy yet"?

"Not really."

I pulled the hat out of the pocket, stuck it on my head, and flipped my head back.

"*Now* do you feel Christmasy?" I asked, to howls of laughter from my friend.

Not bad so far: one hat, two happy people.

At the Nero gig, a woman manning (womanning?) the counter where the Nero swag was being sold looked pretty much in the spirit, in a white sweater and floor-length skirt in red and green. "I could use a hat," she commented.

I pulled it out of my pocket and flung it at her across the counter. "Here."

"Cool!" The hat *made* the outfit.

Three happy people...

A little later, a guy came up to me. "Are you the guy who loaned [sorry, I forget her name] that Christmas hat?"

"Yeah, that was me."

"I'm going to be an elf on stage later with Santa, and I've got the outfit, except for the hat. Can I borrow it?"

"Fine by me. Enjoy."


Again, the hat was an essential part of the elf outfit. Santa and his elf did a great job, and made pretty much the entire audience happy.

The Final Score: Happy Hat Brigade, four (and more); Forces of Darkness: nil.

I didn't get the hat back at the end of the night, and actually didn't want it back. I got all the happiness out of the hat that I could, and then I passed it on to other people and made them happy. I'd like to think the hat is out there somewhere, quietly and safely ensconsed in somebody's pocket or purse, waiting for the moment when it can spring into action, and add a little joy to someone's life.

Merry Christmas, everybody.



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