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Biggest Surprise of 2001


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The biggest and brightest surprise for me this year was Buddy Guy's new cd " Sweet Tea ". This cd is as raw and heavy as it gets, and it jams as good as any cd in the last 10 years! Eric Clapton take note.

Honourable Mentions:

Jimmy Swift - very innovative and fun

Oysterhead - don't stop with just one album

The Strokes - Television meets The Replacements

International Noise Conspiracy - this band rocks

Ghost World - great movie

Memento - very interesting movie

Mickey Hart is still an asshole

Felix Trinidad lost

Hendrix is getting better with every new release

Jommama - getting better all the time

Alvin Youngblood Hart

Minnesota Vikings suck

The Word - buy it now

Giggles is a fine guitarist - a little too Jerry though

Phishsanctuary.com is improving all the time

Note: Oh yeah, whatever happened to Jimmy Butler?

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