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the show was too good

the car ride was magical

the people were incredibly phenomenal (especially a select few that were heavenly)

the tunes were awesome

more people would've been awesome.

you guys should be ashamed for being fiscally prudent. you're young - what's another couple of hundred bucks debt...

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What a trip

So much fun, so many stories to tell, so many people missed out for not having the fuckin spirit it required to take on such an adventure...

nero.... boy, damm, god, shit!!! You guys get better every show..... and I have seen allot of them.. Thanks for gettin us on the list, (the event was SOLD OUT!!) Congrats on a sucessful tour guys.... so happy for you!

GTB.... was amazing. The east coast crew took good care of us. Special thanks to who ever that guy was for the dose..... I'll get you back sometime.... somewhere....

To the road crew....you all fuckin rule!! You made the drive go quick,

kilbasa sausage has just got to perform

Your but cheeks is warm

Rock your fucking socks off!!

Cant split up tango and cash.... (that is also true)

9 Deep knee rock squats.... at a fucking clip!


Until the D

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