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Robert Walters 20th Congress


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Happy New Year everyone. Sorry to hear some of you had a shitty NYE - mine was interesting.

I went to a trendy place called the Alibi Room in Vancouver - the lead singer from Nickelback was there and Nelly Furtado. I managed to weasel a NYE hug from Nelly (she's about 4 feet tall) And, shortly thereafter, I knocked-over Mr. Nickelback's drink! He looked at me with a disappointed expression and said "don't worry about it, buddy" So I bought him a new drink and did a cheers. (he was cool about the whole thing...) It was a surreal environment.

Then we somehow ended up at a strip bar with a big group (guys and girls) then a huge jam-party. Normally, NYE is a disappointment, but this one was definately a memorable one.

Has anyone heard of Robert Walters 20th Congress? They're playing here soon and I'm wondering if it's worth the $20.

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