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nero log, stardate 122701


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nero @ the Mansion, Shediac NB

For those not in the know, the Mansion is not a bar, it's a mansion. A real live, 100 year old huge mansion (bigger than Graceland even). About 20 people helped with the load in, which was amazing, 'cuz the boys were playing in the third floor ballroom. The room would hold about 250 people - fireplace blazing, funky lights and a stage in the corner. The guys who look after the place only had a couple of days to promote the show so it wasn't as packed out as it could have been, but there was a good crowd anyway. nero went on at 11 and played a killer 75 minute set, and at setbreak we mingled around trying to get a bearing on the layout of the place. Very easy to get lost in there. Set II was easily an hour and a half, but unfortunately gremlins took a bite out of the Tascam and most of the set didn't get recorded.

During the second set I stumbled around and found the portal to the basement. Y'see, I heard a rumour about this place...supposedly someone that was involved in developing the nuclear bomb lived here and did experiments in the basement. The guys that were watching the place had heard nothing about it but I wanted to see the place. At setbreak Jay and I went down there. It's a big high-ceilinged concrete room, and there was a small concrete room built in the corner. Through the door of the room there was another heavy steel door. I had to riff on the thing to open it. Conspiracy Fodder: The guys who own the mansion live in Europe and rarely visit the place. They make no money on it as far as I can see. They must use the mansion for something...

In the room was a safe. Nobody knows what's in it. I say Jimmy Hoffa is in there, Jay guessed it was full of chocolate.

Sorry, back to the show.

nero played a killer third set, and debuted Peaches en Regalia. Very sweet. Another couple of hours of constant boogieing by a whole room of beautiful people. Very sweet indeed. They finally stopped around 4:30, playing at least four and a half hours of music over the three sets. You'd think we'd all be tired by then, but that's a whole pile of other stories.

Next day off to Charlottetown., 'cross that beeeeg mudderfuggin' bridge. Yee-Ha!

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