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if you're in Guelph or London - please help!


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The New Deal are playing U of Guelph on the 12th and Fanshawe College in London on the 15th. I believe these are "student-only" kinds of gigs, so I need some help getting myself and at least one other person into both of these shows. Please get in touch with any info you may have or ideas. I don't even know what venues the band is playing, just the schools.

Ideally, I'd like to find students who could sign us in as guests. Or, perhaps somebody knows whether or not these places have a "visting student" policy for these kinds of events; I am a part-time McMaster University student.

I'm particularly concerned about getting hooked up for the Guelph show, as I do have a few friends in London who are "working on it" but with no results yet.

Any help would be appreciated. I'd really like to attend a New Deal gig outside of Toronto and the opportunity doesn't arise that often!

Obviously, I'm not heading to Ottawa to see the New Deal but I do intend to make it there this Spring so keep posting those Nero dates so I can keep my plans open!

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i go to fanshawe as stated before, the head of entertainment - the guy that git the show at the school - is in my class. He's an awesome guy names mike t fox and he told me it would be open to everyone...get in touch me to party before and we'll go just in case there are problems...remember your student ID from your school or you likely won't be able to get in.

serious, dude - few problems should arise.

email me at ro3@hotmail.com

everyone else that wants to be my friend, email me at ro3@hotmail.com - i like people.

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Originally posted by Northern Wish:

I am planning on attending as well, so let me know how to help you.

Let's make this one a better experience for you than New Years.


That's a real sweet sentiment, Sean. Thanks. I'll e-mail you privately re: details but I just wanted to thank you publicly.


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Hey! First time poster, long time lurker. grin.gif" border="0

The last time the New Deal played in Guelph they played in Peter Clark Hall, which is this banquet hall in the basement of the University Centre (the main administrative building, cafeteria, offices, shops, etc etc). I hope that they aren't playing in PCH again because it was brutal!! That night felt like a high school dance. Mainly because the room, which is maybe twice the size of the Comfort Zone (total guess), was fairly empty and worst of all NO BOOZE on the premises! It was not liscenced.

I think that the reason for the low attendance (no one knew about the alcohol restriction until we got there) was that the New Deal had recently played a 3-night run upstairs at the smaller Brass Taps (the on campus bar) for FREE, and they had also done 2 other free 3-nighters there the year before. People were used to seeing them for free and weren't ready to shell out the $12 or whatever.

I can't see them going back to the Brass Taps though, its too small. ALthough those shows were all so good! Another possibility is that they'll play at The Bullring, which is the other on-campus bar and is separate from the UC building. Now THIS could be good! They don't have shows in there too often though. Guess we'll find out pretty soon! [Hey, if anyone reading this is in Guelph right now, check The Ontarion would ya?!]

If you're not a U of G student.. To get into the Brass Taps you'd need to get someone to sign you in on busy nights. I don't remember any student ID checks for the PCH show though. In general I wouldn't be too worried, with a little effort you'll get in no problem.


ps - This message board is rockin!

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The show is fast approaching and I need numbers soon. The show is open to non fanshawe characters and tickets are 6 bucks.

everyone can get together at my place for a big old predrink or smokie smokie...actually it would be best to do that outside unless there's only a few people...but saying 'hey let's go up to my room' seems so highschool -

so get me numbers of tickets by friday and i'll get them.

email me at ro3@hotmail.com if you have any details...if people want to go out for dinner it could be great. my classes end at 3 tuesdays so loads of time before the show. I don't know if there's an afterparty but there very well could be. I don't know what my friend heidi has in mind.

Anyhow, get to me if you're interested in going to the london show and let me know how many tickets you want...remember...you tell me you want 10 tickets and you only get 2 i'm sure people will still want them at the door...but as a student it's important to conserve cash...after all i'm seeing jomomma at bacchus lounge on the 12th and gruvasylum at bacchus on the 19th - everyone that can please go to the gruvasylum show in london - those guys love playing london and i would assume the show here is a bit different than in toronto or elsewhere.

the new deal is playing fanshawe's forwell hall...a big room - i hope tND get it really fun-kay in there.


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it's thursday afternoon and around 4:20 - nobody's gotten to me looking for tickets...if i dont' get numbers i'm just getting a few for myself and some friends.

let me know how many tickets you want because this show will sell out - i dost thinketh...

anyhow, email me at ro3@hotmail.com

if you wanna gamble, i'[m still up for getting together before the show...now hurry up and get back to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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