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So it was pretty amazing...last night at the Bacchus lounge there was a SUPER LONG LINE to se Jomomma.

like an hour long line...I luckily got in early and had a wicked time...not too drunk but not parched either.

It was nice to see everybody...Scottieking and crew - wasn't it an awesome time?

If you don't know already, everyone, scottieking is the ultimate catalyst for parties...he makes them happen...like before tND perhaps?

anyhow, After the show, I met up with the boys and we went back to their hotel and chilled, listening to digital satellite radio and had a decent time...I must say, Casey's for breakfast-lunch is a definite must...hot chicken sandwiches rule...best one I've ever eaten...

Anyhow, the night was fun, loads of beautiful people showed to groove, and the place was as packed as it deserved to be.

I hope it's just as great for Gruvasylum NEXT saturday.

I really hope I can get out to the Jomomma/Nero show in waterloo february 6th...Anyone in London willing to drive a carload of characters see magic happen??

I wonder if it's possible that there could be interweaving sets much like New year's eve...aah the chestnut...too bad the power blew on the recorder...everyone deserves to hear that show it was so good.

Next time, battery backup, boys??

Anyhow, good times are so often had...i'm just happy to have been there.

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Would love to see some London peeps make it to the Kitchener show on Thursday Feb. 7th for the nero/Jomomma double bill. It should be a great show. Club Abstract has a big stage, a nice big dance floor, and a great sound system. And it sounds best with a full room!

Alternating sets would be a blast if it could be pulled off without too many logistical problems.

Glad to read the London show went so well. That venue looks pretty nice from their web site.

Peace, Mark

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Wish I would have made it down to London for that blast of a time.

Total different scene than the night before in Windsor. Don't get me wrong, it was a great time. Didn't get there until 11.30 or so. The place was pretty empty. It seemed as though there was a no dancing policy in effect as everyone was snuggled around tables in front of the 'stage'.

The Press Club is a great place for shows. Nice hard wood floors to dance on, kind staff, and a SPECTACULAR view of the Detorit skyline across the river.

I hadn't seen Jomamma since Frontier Town and was pleased to hear them sound as good as I 'remembered'. The second set was good and jammin' and about four people were dancing by the end of the night.

I really hope the turn out will not hinder the band's/ bar's decision to play the Press Club again. Let's hope there is a better turn out next time.

That is all.


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Hey Giggles...you'll be getting a very special kosher pickle - you know the giany phallic green mountainous pickles you get at delis?? Yeah - well you'll be getting one of those shoved up your ass if i don't get my volume pedal soon...

it was just so 'convenient' for you to stay away from me until after i'd left...


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