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Londontown digs the New Deal


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It was going to be one of THOSE kinda nights....

From the get-go, things were boding well. All parties that needed to be connected, did. All people that needed tickets, got. Everybody to the show on time, we walked in to see...completely empty dance floor??? But there were tons of people sitting around in tables. This was the first time that I had been to this part of Fanshawe (I guess Forwell Hall as it is called doubles as a cafeteria in the day??)Anyway, it looked to be a good turn-out of people who didn't quite know what to expect.

Finally, the band took the stage. Those in the know took the opportunity to creep up and check things out nice and tight. The band's stage was only evaluated a foot off the ground. People were beginning to investigate but the dance floor remained empty! Finally, I could take no more. In perfect synch, I crossed MarcO coming from the other side of the floor, and the dancing began.Thinking we were alone, being so close, and getting off on the groove, I didn't notice the hundred or so people that crept in behind me about a minute later. The show was underway!

Strictly on a performance basis, I don't know anybody who is doing it better these days. Muchos talent, muchos energy and a dedication that infectiously converted the 400+ at Fanshawe last night. If last night was your first show, you got a great one. The thing that really gets me about the band is that fact that I've never seen them have a bad time on stage. They all smile throughout and seem to get off on their own tunes more than we do. Jambands take note, that sort of thing translates into a better time for your audience everytime.

Musically, I had no complaints. As usual, I couldn't put together a mental setlist for these guys. It's all a blur of dancing and shaking, tension and release, some old favs and new treats. Old friends too. It was sooo nice to have a good band in London for a change, the phamily here was out in full force.

Hope everybody had a solid show! Probably see ya'll again either for Grooveasylum at the Bacchus for all you intowners on Saturday, and you outtowners for Nero in KW in February.

P.S. Hey Ottawa gang, I'm starting a rumor that I'm coming into YOUR town for Nero's February 15 show. Pass it on....

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We had a blast! Thanks to all of the accomodating Londoners......

I just finished my third show in two weeks, and thought last night was the best of the bunch. I think I recognized at least a couple of MJackson teases, and I know they played a couple different versions of Back to the Middle.

All in all, an amazing show even if the venue reminded everyone of a high school prom.

If you have not seen these guys perform lately, get out there and boogie.

MarcO, Brian, scottie, Gary, ben etc. you all made for a hell of a night (and a shout out to London favorite Sammy of souvlaki fame).



ps. Ahhhh my head hurts!

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Wow. It was my first New Deal show and it was fabulous. I danced like a fool and enjoyed 8.50 pitchers. I met up with boogie_knight and enjoyed a 'what should we do' sort of after show pre-party...split ways and I ended up at a friend's house and didn't go to class today. and it was my long day...tomorrow is engineering lab...We got some new toys and I can hopefully figure out what I'm going to do with my studio partner...any ideas for a style of tune?

i'm thinking acoustic guitar, bass, and percussion...it should be alright.

I might work on a song i'm in the middle of...

what does everyone think sounds good...now i mean timbres and textures and dynamics...If you listen to music as much as you seem to you'll be able to describe what you hear and like and are moved by...like a description of reverb on a vocal...long deep reverb swell with little repeat...or thumb plucked bass through chorus...or get creatively descriptive and explain it in layman's terms...try to describe 'thick air'...anyhow, the new deal show gave me a few ideas to dynamics that I could never place...great show, great time, great day!

looking very forward to GRUVASYLUM - everyone go see these guys. Brownman on trumpet...this dude uses envelope filter and octave tastefully and very well...He's throwing in new suprises every show...and the bassist, mark rogers(i think) brings a different bass along with his 7 string every week...nice gear and awesome player. everybody check it out. worth every penny and more...so have a drink and enjoy the show!

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