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More Nugget Promotions.....


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Oh yeah... we got some good ones for ya!!

Nugget Promotions Presents

Grand Theft Bus

Friday Janurary 25, 2002

Bayou Blues and Jazz Club


Grand Theft Bus is a band comprised of four individuals with the same goal in mind: to pursue the outer most limits of improvised music while having as many people as possible along for the ride! With juicy, melodic hooks and tweeked-out,swollen jams, the Bus always gets even the most docile booty Grrrrooovin'!!!

Muckle-up, Buckle-up, Get on the Bus!

Nugget Promotions presents


Wednesday February 6, 2002

Mercury Lounge

. . . Take old jazz standards . . .

. . . Give the tune a hip-hop funk twist . . .

. . . Unleash the most maniacal of funk musicians . . .

. . . Prescribe original jazz lyrics to a berserk rapper . . .

. . . and watch the walls b u r n d o w n . . .

Nugget Promotions presents

King Cordova

Wednesday February 13, 2002

Mercury Lounge

Beau Dixon of Freeway band fame rolls back into town with his latest project. If you missed them at Babylon a few weeks back, this is your chancce to see what all the hype is about

Nugget Promotions presents

Thursday February 14, 2002

Jambolaya w/ Dr. Huxtable

Cafe Dekcuf

Montreal jam monsters Jambolaya team up with Ottawa's own Dr. Huxtale. Our first Nugget night at the Cafe... let's get fucked!

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