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another Live Phish series


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let's hope we see some phatties unleashed from 1992-1994! I need a sweet copy of 11/22/94 (the mother of all Funky Bitches!! Close to 15 minutes long).

Hey, how about we conduct a poll. We each pick 5 of the most likely shows to make the cut (pick either your most cherished show on tape/cd or a show you had an epiphany at, whatever...).

Then when the list is officialy anounced, we'll look back on who nailed the correct dates, and that person will win a prize, or a member status promotion to the Bigest Phishy of them all!

So, here are my 5 picks:

1) 11/22/94 Columbia, MO

2) 4/21/92 Red Acres -phenominal Tweezer

3) 8/13/93 Murat Theater, IN -solid jams in Gin and Yamar>>Mike's!!

4) 11/14/95 Orlando, FL -STASH

5) 9/14/99 Boise -best exploratory AC/DC Bag


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Not to pick nits, but I think if you check I simply got the date wrong for that one show. I was in fact referring to 11.17.97 (the Ghost) not 11.14.97. 11.14.97 was THE Gumbo, 11.17.97 was Denver and the show I was wishing for......

I can't get ALL of the dates right ALL of the time. Ha Ha Ha (if you knew me and my friends this would be alot funnier- they are usually blown out of the water by my knack for being the Cliff Claven of the Phish setlist world).

Nice to see some shows I wanted to nab though. We should all take note that since they are being released it is a no no to digitally trade any of them any more.

We'll just have to wait and see if the French judge changes her mind about the "Live Phish Gold Medal".



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