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O.K... here's my first rant:

Having seen Galactic 4 times, I've come to the conclusion that they should ditch the houseman. Their instrumental stuff is what brought me there - the awesome New Orleans style Meters shit - WICKED. But when he comes out, (no pun intended) the contrast of styles doesn't work for me... I can't wait for him to do his 3 or 4 songs and leave so the band can freak out again.

The same goes for the Meters, does anyone have "Funkify Your Life"? - I can't even listen to disc 2 because of the singing and lack of booty fuel. It reminds me of the houseman's stuff.

Who do they want at their shows, anyways? Middle-aged crooner fans, or exciteable jam/funk phans?

hmmmmmmm... there's an onion in the ointment..

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