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A Heads Tale Screening..... Two Thumbs Up!!!

Northern Wish

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Hey all,

Just to let everyone know, A Heads Tale made its big screen debut in Saint John last night at the New Brunswick Museum. Mr Hemmings was all dolled up, in a collared shirt and everything! And most of the heady SJNB crowd made it out to support our local film wizard.

Anyways, the movie was simply amazing. Funny, informational, funky and fun all rolled into one. The music features our best and brightest including JSB, GTB, Jukejoint, Kid Koala and Bullfrog and Mark Wilson and the Way It Is. The movie takes you on a ride investigating why people (us!) get so involved in the summer jamband festival scene from the GOTVibes to Bonnaroo to our own little Frontier Town and Evolve.

Do yourselves a favor and check out just how cool our scene looks and sounds on a big screen. There were well over 100 people there last night, lots of parents etc., and everyone walked out with a big grin on their face.

Support Greg by going to see this film! I think the admission at each showing is just a donation of whatever you deem fit and affordable. Greg is one of those dudes that can light up a room with his positivity and smiles, and deserves a great turnout everywhere he shows it. There will be copies of the video available for purchase, along with older copies of the Revolve 2001 documentary (I think AHTale is $20, and Revolve is $10).

Not to mention there are oh so many familiar faces, that you will have a ball just figuring out everyone you know! Not limited to but including Mark Tonin, Booche (I think?) Scottieking, tungstengruvsten, giggles, backbacon, toastmasterG, gentlemonkey and Kyla (Don't know your net name girl!) Mrs Huxtable and many others I am simply forgetting. And by some small miracle my girlfriend scored a writing credit (piranha132).

Two thumbs up from this jam happy Maritimer!

Peace and Love,


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