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After days of rumors official word came down from the Hollywood trades that the fan-favorite TV series The Tick would not run beyond the January 24th episode. The news that Fox is canceling the show has been upsetting for fans who love the show.


The Tick faced an uphill battle being stuck in a killer time-slot. Furthermore there seemed to be little attempt by Fox to help the show by pairing it with a lead-in like The Simpsons (i.e. a highly-rated show that targeted a similar audience).

But the fans have a voice and a spoon and it's time for them to use that voice and rally to the aid of the big blue bug of justice and his bunny-eared buddy!

Letter-writing campaigns have been key in saving shows from Cagney and Lacey to Roswell. We don't need to mention that it was fan-letters that saved the original Star Trek TV series and propelled it on to the legendary status it enjoys today.

Comics2Film encourages any fans who would like to save The Tick to join in the "Spoon Fox" campaign. We ask that you send a letter (yes one of those paper and ink things) to the network asking for the reinstatement of the show.

Everyone knows that Tick's battle cry is "Spooooon!" So too shall it be ours. To emphasize our point, we ask that fans enclose a spoon (even a plastic one...preferably a blue plastic one) in the envelope with your letter.

Fans can address their polite but assertive demands to:

Sandy Grushow

Chairman of Fox TV Entertainment Group

10201 W. Pico Blvd.

Building 100, Room 5110

Los Angeles, CA 90035

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Since when has Davey-Boy upheld the pillers of justice by relentlessly fighting the evils that rot this planet to it's core?


This is a new low for television execs. Dropping a show that is so cleverly put together and funny just destroy's any hope for laughter!

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I am so glad that I don't pay for tv right now! I'm ready to kick some major ass, that's for sure. That's 2 amazing shows that are getting killed.

Who wants to start a new network?

Here's the starting lineup...

The Tick

The Family Guy

Clerks (the cartoon)

Action (a fantastic show that fox killed for Greed)

Anyone else have something for the new network?

I still can't believe that the tick and family guy are cancelled. I may actually have to write a couple of real-life letters, with pen and paper!

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You just made me cry, I had forgotten both shows were cancelled (well, Family Guy is soon going to be or whatever the word is on that one)....

I miss the Tick. That was a fantastic show.

And what about Men Behaving Badly?

Show re-runs of its first 2 years, I LOVED that show.

Darn, I miss the Tick

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