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Tuesday Nights @ The Orbit Room Toronto


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Hello All....

It's Scott Here from The Smoothies

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has been coming out during the week on Tue nights to the Orbit Room on College St, Toronto.

The last few weeks have been great, hopefully you all come out and shake it up with us.

I not really sure as to our schedule @ The Orbit Room, I know were there every Tue. in Feb., and we have the first week off in March.....(not sure about the rest of March yet.... I guess we'll know soon enough)

For any one who hasn't had a chance to catch one of our live shows here's the deal:

were a 5 pieace band





and drums

we play funk / jam / classic rock / originals and covers

some of the bands we cover




Tower of Power

Sugar Loaf

I think you get the message

Any covers we do are around 25-30 yrs old (most of these songs are older than the band members)

So if your in to having a great time and like to dance come check us out.....

for anyone in Niagara come see us Sat nights @ The Mansion House in St Catharines @ 10

take it easy

The Smoothies

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Hey Pipin,

DoubleB and I were planning to catch you guys after Galactic but by the time it was over and we finished flyering for nero it was about 1:30 so we blew it off (we figured it was weekday and you guys were probably done - we were in rough shape anyway)

It would have been fun to cap off the night seeing you guys but theres always next time.

If you guys ever do some road work Im with Booche, come'n up.

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