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Dinner at the Grizz in Kingston


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Unfortunately the dining area of the Grizz is booked, but, we can all meet there anyway and get the same menu and drinks in the pool room or downstairs in the fire room. That's not a big deal at all, we just don't get to sit at one really long table.

I suggest we all meet at the Grizz around 7:30, and if you wanna eat, you can eat, if you wanna drink you can drink, if you wanna shoot some pool, well, just watch out for Hood.

Just respond here with either an "I'm In" or find a funny picture and post it.

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Who are you talking to?

Anyway, whoever wants to.

If it's just me, then it's just me eating and drinking.

I think Reba and Doggy said they'd go, and gentlemonkey the rest of the gang at cheers.

DoubleB maybe, I dunno.

People aren't responding in here. That was the point of this post. Any, it doesn't matter, just go.

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