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Cherry Popping at the Cafe


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Well, we blew the cherry off of that place last night! Well done by everyone, dancers, drinkers and talent alike. We got her nice and worked in for ya nero... give her hell!!!

Lot's of people to thank for this wonderful night. First off I want to thank the Skanktuarians who made it to the show, especialy those who were out Wednesday too.... You boys are hard core and I will get you all fired yet. Special thanks to Harpua for bringing in some sweet funk for the setbreak music (Tungsten Gruven mixes I believe). Thanks to the venue for not kicking us out early and letting the show run late.

Huge thanks to Jambolaya for driving all the way from Montreal, playing and then driving home... fucking rock star road warriors. It is not like they played a short set and were gone by 1:30... hell no, these boys played well after last call, a set that started around midnight went until 2:30 in the am, the bar was still pretty full when I left a 3am.... My personal highlight was a SICK Cypress Hill cover....good freaking times!!!

Dr. Huxtable.... hmmm pudding...... Better everytime, that new song was just dead sexy and there were some sick jams laid out... and a little Magnum... thanks boys (and girl)

The bar staff commented to me on how nice everyone in the room was. "I can't believe how friendly everyone is with eachother, and I can't believe how much your all drinking!" That made me happy to hear. "Watch out on Saturday" was my response. Great boy/girl ratio again last night... could it be we are finally breaking free of our sausage dominated demographic? Fuck I hope so!! So many new faces again last night, but they won't stay new for long...

Thanks everyone...

See ya in Ktown tonight, Dekcuf tomorrow.... Maybe on Sunday I will finally get some sleep


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You did it again B. Man you can throw a party! Dekcuf is a nice little spot. I'm glad so many of you made it out. It's nice to look out past the blinding lights to familiar smiles. Thanks for the head boppin' and dancing. You guys are great.

Dr. Huxtable's set list should be up on our site today, I know a couple of you wanted it.

Good vibes everyone. See you tonight in Kingston!

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