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Name that Tune


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Okay Pholks, It could be the excessive amount of consumption last night, could be the sleep deprivation, and okay, it might have something to do with this blond hair 'o mine, but I can't think of a name for the new song.

Those of you who were out last night get cracks at it. It was the slow one. Give me some ideas, and the winner gets a sloppy wet one straight from Ms. Huxtable herself and an honerable mention at the Junos when it's named, best named song of the year.

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Desparately needing to get out more, I actually have a set of song titles I'd like to use someday:

- Action Figure Meltdown

- Avatar Overload

- Gelatin Dessert Overload

- I Beat You With The Turkeys*

- Nice Work If You Can Get It

- Paladin

- Ready, Kids?

- Teddy Bear In A Thong

If any of these work, it's yours (although I reserve the right to re-use it; that is, assuming my writing ability catches up with my song-naming ability...)



* Thanks to Catphish for relating a dream she had, in which there was a shopping competition at a grocery store, where you had to fill your cart with $125 worth of groceries. She went for Kraft Dinner, I went for frozen turkeys, and I won...

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Okay, here's some inside scoop on the tune.

1. I feel like Jessica Rabbit when I sing it.

2. Peter (our drummer) calls it the wisper song

3. Other names floating around the Hux basement are wet dream, the undie song, butterfly, delirium, altitude.....

Big, sloppy wet one still up for grabs (although Monkey, you may get one just for being you!) wink.gif" border="0

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