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2nd attempt at posting: mmw article


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(apologies, I'm not sure if this made it the 1st time as my computer froze for a while)

Check out what MMW are up to.... I really appreciate these guys, they are constantly attempting, at least, to push musical boundaries and not stay in one bag. Cool stuff.

MMW (link)

I also recently read about a seminar John Medeski gave at his alma mater in the Boston area, wherein he made some interesting observations about the jamband scene. I don't have the transcript or anything, so I'm paraphrasing, but he did mention that he hates the term "jamband" because he finds it has become a limiting term, something that makes associations and assumptions that aren't necessarily present. He also noted that when he plays "jamband"-type gigs, the audience is far less attentive and far more impatient than when they do jazz-oriented shows or when they go to Europe. He said the Europeans are far less likely to become impatient when the grooves drop out and they explore atonal harmonies and move into more free spaces. Just thought I'd pass those observations along.


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