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nerolog, Stardate 021602


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nero @ Café Dekcuf, Ottawa, Ont.

nero's first hometown gig in two months and their first time at the ‘new Whipping Post'. You just knew this was gonna be a great night. I walked up those stairs with some trepidation because the Post was an institution, sacred even. I mean, never has there been a person who loved live music more than Brother Lance, the daddy of the Post, and that bar hosted some of the finest musical moments Ottawa had seen; the place had heavy history and heavy vibe. The Whipping Post was the surrogate home to local legends Miss Grundy, Bob Loblaw, The Boogiemen, and, of course, nero, who played their first show (and many, many others) there. I was afraid that the new owners might be guilty of blasphemy. Well, no worries there, friends, they've done a great job with the place, and the Café Dekcuf is poised to become a legend in it's own right.

The place packed out in a big way; the fire marshall woulda popped an artery. nero mounted the stage and pounded back their traditional pre-show Jager shots and kicked off a first set that Brad described as "sounding like a second set." The loudest screams came when the boys jammed Peaches en Regalia into 401 Theme to close out the set, and by this time the place was so full the audience looked like a single mass of friendly. The bar essentially emptied during setbreak, a trend that I find healthy, wholesome, and invigorating, and a hazy crowd shuffled in for the second set. Gordon's Revenge started of the set. I always love to hear this one, especially for Shane's unrelenting bada-badump-ba-da, bada-badump-ba-da bass line that just keeps going...and going... and going... Second set also had one of the best sing-alongs to The Pumpkin Song (nero's only song with lyrics) I've heard, and featured their new tune Lemondust, which was debuted in Kingston the night before. Lemondust into 3rd Stone was sweet.

The crowd hadn't diminished by a soul when the encore ended, and I'm sure all were in agreement that the night rocked hard. Great bar, great staff, great crowd, great band, primo night.

Quote of the day (heard constantly as people came in): "Holy shit, this place looks amazing!"



Wata Bug


Miko Mard


Peaches en Regalia>

401 Theme


Gordon's Revenge>

The Pumpkin Song



Third Stone From The Sun>

Wispy Mountain Wonder

Oregano Mice

Chocolate Monkey Machine

e: Holetown Charlie

Freeway Jam

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