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Ultimate trio.. living or dead

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Ultimate bar band trio:

Hendrix- guitar

Jaco- bass

Brian Blade- drums

I would never ever stop listening, until I went totally insane.

Possibly the loudest imaginable trio:

Buddy Bolden- trumpet

Roy Hargrove- trumpet

Dizzy- trumpet

I would almost immediately stop listening, before I went deaf.

Lastly, the trio I would rather hear over all others:

About 5 years ago the oldest known cave paintings were found. They depicted three musicians and a conductor. The musicians were playing a drum, a bagpipe and a tuba. Remains of the bagpipe, made out of an animal bladder, and the tuba, made of a large animal tusk, were found on site.

Now that would have been an interesting jam.

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thought i bite....

bob weir (vocals rhythm)

kdub (vocals leads)

mr copeland (currently my favorite drummer out there)

hmmmm or maybe fishman instead, it be a toss up between the two.

anyways ...

i do kinda think oysterhead was/is the ultimate trio. And vida w/ oteil and page...wow sounding incredible as well.

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