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hi i just signed up...


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found out about the site from another place. just to give you a little details...

im 32, live in cali, but grew up in quebec and saskatoon. yes i play hockey. just got back from the oly's where i saw team canada play twice.

had a good time of course. met some guys from out west who were cool.

as for tunes, i started seeing phish in 1990, panic in 1991 when i was in college at CU-Boulder. I tape shows nowadays on At 825-> a d-8. trade mostly shn, but also have a stand alone burner.

since my job makes me sit in front of a computer, i lurk/post a lot. i like doing cd trees and vines, and will trade if i have the time.

as a welcome to the site, i will send out copies of SCI 12/31/01 on shn from my AT825's to the first 2 Canadians who post here and email me.

thanks, and i'll type at you later


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You are a clever and resourceful man, Mr. Junkbond. Perhaps too clever.

What I meant to say was, welcome to the site, and thanks for the introduction.

Sorry I was late on the cheese fest, but at least they'll be sent to a couple of good homes.

(Giggles, isn't that the show you're looking for?)

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