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Ratdog w/Logic?


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i've never been impressed with logic, but i've only seen him with mmw. and i find he just makes them sound less crisp. i find it's just a lot of 'wicka wicka wicka wicka WACK'.. and some overused samples. But i've heard project logic is amazing, have yet to hear it though..

i think it's cool weir is up for the experiment.

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call me old fashioned but i can't see this working. how do you fit wicka wicka wa wa into corrina or a help/slip/franklin's ??? i'm going to the skow march 1st and i hope djl is sick or misses the bus. thats just me tho. we'll see. maybe i'll be pleasantly surprised but i doubt it!!! mad.gif" border="0

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He toured w/ Ratdog during so many roads tour and was great. dj logic doesn't try to step up and be the front man, that is what is so good about him. other than for sticking him with the good ole grateful dead, i cannot think of anything he wouldn't improve. i can't imagine the stuff he and keller would come up with if they toured together....

props for mr wier for recognizing dj logic as a good thing. and i know i've mentioned before but his own band, project logic, is amazing. they take the new age "pop" music (which is really the house techno repetitive dance/jam craze) and play it without boring repetition. No basic, simple, drum beats repeated over and over and over. I just listened to a STS9 show, and i think if i took any four or five minutes, and looped it, it would be virtually the same as the entire show. Project logic also uses jazzy starts and stops for momentum. I know "some" of the "new age" bands are turning even more "repetitive" and less "jazzy/composed". (coming from a source who has been seeing the change for quite some time)


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Has anybody heard the trios show yet?

Disc 1

<1st Trio> DJ Logic, Christian McBride & Kareem Riggins

1. Intro>

2. 1st jam *

3. Scratch intro jam> #

4. 2nd jam> #

5. 3rd jam #

6. crowd

7. Logic spin'n

<2nd Trio> DJ Logic, Charlie Hunter & Billy Martin

8. Herb Man Intro jam>

9. 1st jam>

10. 2nd jam>

11. 3rd jam

12. Logic Spin'n

<3rd Trio> DJ Logic, Mike Gordon (BASS) & John Medeski

13. 1st jam>

14. 2nd jam>

15. 3rd jam

16. 4th jam

Disc 2

1. 5th jam>

2. 6th jam

3. Logic Banter

4. crowd

<4th Trio> DJ Logic, Kang & Rob Wasserman

5. 1st jam>

6. 2nd jam

7. 3rd jam>

8. 4th jam>

9. 5th jam>

10. 6th jam

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I can picture the ending of Estimated:

Bobby: Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

DJ WAKA WAKA: scratch scrath scrath.

Bobby: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

DJ WAKA WAKA: scratchy scrath, weird noise, scratch.

Looking forward to seeing how things go.

The setlists are sure looking good!

"I find this match up highly illogical"

-- DJ Spock

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Yep, me and Goldilocks are going. In the van with you I think. I do believe TC wants to go too. In that case, he'll prolly drive so he;ll need some cats to go with him. KOB isn't really down with Rock music anymore. He's all about hanging out with his main man Ikhan in TO and clubbing it up!

Where the heck is American Nomad? All of sudden he's posting ten times a day then 0 frown.gif" border="0 I tried to get a hold of him so we can meet up. Maybe he'll get back to me soon.

btw, ACE I have a new favourite hookah song: Thief

I was listening to a new show I got in and when I heard that guitar part towards the end i went "whoaaaa" total flashback from Hookahville last spring. It's the song they played after Schwa (which was after that Simpson's clip). I was in a mental state that I had never been before and never have since! Yippee!

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not too sure about a departure time...probably not until 5:00 cause schwags lady works until 4:30. k.c. and i both work too but we'll be home in plenty of time. would like to sip a couple bevies beforehand as well. the setlists have been good so far. we'll be talkin".

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...only seen Logic w/MMW..personaly..I would have liked it..if he'd been rocket launched out of that mix..yeah lots of the same..not sure if it's the wicka-x-4-wack I'm thinkin of..but it sounded just stupid in that mix....whoa...in my opinion..that is...yet somehow I can see the king of the midnight cheese makin' it all good..or it could B West L.A. all night long..haha..shit it's bound 2 B good still!oh!oh!mabey in the spirit of it all Bobsters will rap Fire on te mountain!!!HAHAHAHAHEEEEEEHooooooooooooo....

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shocked.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0 Hillarious..thnxs MOE-RON...love that name by the way! I am dellierious right now 'cause I haven't been 2 bed yet..but I have a new painting 2 show 4 my night of Howlin'...I'm trying 2 stay up so I can go 2 bed 2-nite and normalize the sleep schedule...so now i'm just leaving surly messages everywhere...HEEEEhehe..suits my avitar more when i'm surly...I love my one eyed/fanged-toothe/drooling/purple-dude!!!
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