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King Crimson Last Night


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they aren't very taper friendly-Fripp is very standoff-ish about this. The fan club has

an official bootleg mailing list thing going on...

check out

www.disciplineglobalmobile.com - not sure if it's changed in awhile. I know there are a couple of box sets (The Great Deceiver is live 73-74, Epitaph is 68-69...and there is a complete 'official' live show from the Netherlands circa 74)

I've got pretty well the entire catalog if you ever wanna hear some...

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the bassist's name is Trey Gunn ( KC since 1994 ) and he doesn't play a stick. He plays a custom instrument called a " touch guitar ".


His fingers lept up and down the frets, reminding me of someone playing a Chapman stick

Didn't actually say he played a Chap Stick. Yes the DOUBLE bass guitar stuff was just mindblowing. He was actually playing BOTH at once.

So you were front row eh! NICE! I was front row Balcony. Had a GREAT view. So much fun.

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my fuck'n god

I vibrated... I laughed... I lost myself... I became a child full of giddy wonder... two days and a lifetime led to this... I can't describe this music in writing... may you see it in my eyes... lets just say that its the most intricate mix of tightly performed composition and improvisation imaginable... (thats a faint and pale description of the truth)

bouncing in my seat, rolling lolling eyes closed open tranced ecstatic (went having no idea what to expect) just lost on it all... free...

got a backstage pass from a friend and went to chat with the band (yes, after having already won free tickets!)

most interesting thing to rumour (besides that Adrian and Pat (the unfucknbeliavable spiritgod drummer) are super nice and down to earth) was that they were throwing around the idea of playing this "Bonzeroo" festival as they live just outside of Tennessee...

WOW to the music


special thanks to New Rider, jambands . ca and the forces that be...


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band chatter included mention that Fripp "felt" there was a lot of bootleggers at the show... apperently he's strangely sensitive to this... they aren't a band that is ok with being taped out of hand... they work hard for that sound and are somewhat possesive of how it reaches the outside world...

what a strange guy(Fripp)... doesn't talk to much more than his band, and his wife and sister... plays under black light so you can't cop his licks...

what a player though! man... when that guy lets go......

also, Warr guitar or no, he(Trey) was playing it like a chapman stick at times... when I first looked over my eyes bugged... "is that a 10 string bass!?"

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Wow, is that why he plays in the dark? So that no one can cop his licks? I must say, he is one of the most impressive guitarists that I have ever seen. He was sort of facing me almost directly so I could actually see some of his style. Very unique. Very very very fast.

Whether or not that thing is made by the Chapman family, the instrument is very similar and was certainly played in a similar fashion. And holy shit was it cool.

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Well, Damn.

KC sounds like that? [Eek!][Eek!][Eek!]

That was pretty much my feeling after the first song played last night. Man was i impressed. Not knowing a single KC song, something drew me to that show. Damn am i glad it did.

THey played one, two hour set, consisting of a bunch of songs i've never heard before. I love hearing new music for the first time, and this sure didn't disappoint.

The power and energy that could be commanded on a single note is what truely impressed me. At one moment we could be blissfully drifting through some sweet cord progressions, then BLAM, pure DISTORTION right in your face, no warning. Before you knew it, you back drifting again.

KC took me on a mind trip, something that doesn't happen often. The bassist was a freaking machine. His fingers lept up and down the frets, reminding me of someone playing a Chapman stick (dont know where i could have recently witnessed that [big Grin] ). Flutters and flurries of notes, never drowning each other out, never giving a muddy feeling.

The duel guitar attack was fun. Fripp sitting down in the shadows the whole show allowed the other guitarist (sorry, dont know his name) to shine throughout the show, definately displaying some down right nasty playing. Reminded me of the insanity of Oysterhead, or something consisting of that power. Maybe Neil in his most distortive ways. Like a Hurricane for a full 120 minutes!

As i said, Fripp just sat in the shadows, making the most insane sounds on his guitar. Sampling like there is no tomorrow, he played a solo from every instrument (keyboard, sax, drums) through his guitar. Reminded me off Keller Williams playing with his toys. You can definately tell Fripps a madman, he didn't even bow for the Double Encore!!!! Fuggin right Double Encore! But we deserved it, as most crowds dont.

Which brings me to what impressed me the most. THE CROWD. Never have i witnessed a more respectful, quiet, observant fanbase. No one even dare cough during a quiet part (there were parts that were so silent you could hear onstage conversation.

No drunk retards yelling, we love you __________, no stuck up hard cores yelling for songs played decades ago, nothing of the sort. Just pure, respectful fans. Hell, no one even sparked up a cigarette, never mind a joint! Amazing.

Overall a beautiful night.

I give it a 9/10

Definately will see them again.




1 hang on yourself

2 ziggy stardust

3 changes

4 the superman

5 life on mars

6 five years

7 space oddity

8 andy warhol

9 my death

10 the width of a circle

11 queen bitch

12 moonage daydreem

13 john i'm only dancing

14 waiting for the man

15 jean genie

16 suffragatte city

17 rock 'n' roll suicide

David Bowie

Guest Artist: Mike Garson / Mick Ronson

Personnel: David Bowie (guitar, vocals)

Mick Ronson (guitar,bass, vocals)

Mike Garson (keyboards)

Trevor Bolder (bass)

Mick "Woody" Woodmansey (drums)

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He also did some work on the Paul Simon album Graceland.

It's funny this thread happened because I just finished listening to "In the Court of the Crimson King" and for general interest went and checked out the bios of the band. I didn't even know there was a show last night.

Take care

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Adrien Belew is a monster.

FYI ( not you Brad ), the bassist's name is Trey Gunn ( KC since 1994 ) and he doesn't play a stick. He plays a custom instrument called a " touch guitar ". From KC website: Built by Mark Warr of Warr Guitars this 'tapped' instrument is an 10-string touch guitar with the range of a piano. Still, I probably would have mistaken it for a stick too.

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I'm sure it was a great show-that's a stage full of serious talent. And it's always amusing to watch Fripp with all the emotion of a 10th grade math teacher rip off some of the most serious guitar licks ever...

The Bass Player (Trey Gunn) was playing a Warr guitar - http://www.treygunn.com/sound/gear.html

Although I haven't liked them as much since the double trio circa '95(Tony Levin is the God of the Chapman Stick) I do think Gunn has some wicked chops...

Pat Mastelloto doesn't have the control that Bill Bruford lent the band-he's a pounder with no finesse...

Check out some Crimson tunes:

Late 60's:

21st Century Schizoid Man, Cat Food, Pictures of a City, Court of the Crimson King


Red, One More Red Nightmare**, Larks Tongues in Aspic pt. 1 and 2


Elephant Talk, Frame by Frame,


Dinosaur, Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream

**THE Power trio -amazing!! sheesh i wish this version of the band lasted longer...

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It was certainly an amazing show. I've never had the opportunity of sitting front row at a concert before. I'd have to say it was addictive. Actually, the "bassist" was playing a chapman stick. It just looks a little more like a regular bass then the dude from BQ's. If you check out the chapman stick online, they make a bunch of different ones. His seemed to be entirely bass while BQ's is a guitar/bass. I think that it's totally amazing that one chapman stick (10-strings) was not enough for him at times and he'd actually play two chapman sticks at once. Completely out of control. I was able to get a pretty good view: The one chapman that he played was half fretted and half fretless. It looked like the top four strings had frets beneath then and the next six were fretless. What a sound. I also noticed that he had multiple outputs on the one chapman: Presumably from different pickups. It looked like the one output was a standard 1/4" like we're all used to and the other was a XBR(?) (microphone-style) output. Perhaps a microphone/acoustic pickup?

Great crowd as you said. There was the small of cannabis sativa in the air near where I was sitting but I'm certainly not one to mind that.

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Originally posted by Tungsten Gruvsten:

hehehe Jeez Jaimoe and Bradm, we gotta get together sometime and crank some Crimson etc...hehehe

Actually, Crimson is one of the (many) bands I've never got around to getting into...too much music, too little time...

Any stuff (shows?) online from them?



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