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Eating Competition


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Fink! That had to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen a television network put on the air!

Holy Crap! They were glamorizing gorging on pure fat. They had a contest where those stupid idiots had to eat the most sticks of butter. They had a sidebar:

each stick

1 pound

3,437 calories ALL FROM FAT

hahah! Like they were totally promoting the unhealthyness of the event. THen a big countdown "3...2....1....EAT!" in HUGE letters in behind the contestants.

I mean, that wasn't even SUBLIMINAL for the viewers.

Announcer: "He eats competitively every day. He eats 1 meal a day, in a contest, it may be a pile of hotdogs, sticks of butter, eggs, but he eats that one meal and he's done eating for 24 hours."

Announcer2: "They each have their own unique STRATEGIES"

Holy Crap! Incidentally, that daily eating monster won the butter event by cramming 4 or 5 one pound sticks into him.

I saw that, and the egg one (40 eggs?), and then watched my taped episode of The Job (what an incredible show).

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