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Canada vs USA


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I've never been more excited for a hockey game ever in my life. This is big. I'm thinking breakaway goal by Sakic in overtime for the win... 3-2 Canada. A shootout would just be too much to handle. I remember back in 94, I felt like I was going to shit my pants every 10 seconds. I don't think I could handle that today. But yeah, 3-2 for the good guys.

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I'm predicting the following:

1. Canada 3 - US 1

2. Lindros scores winning goal early in the 3rd

3. Brodeur scores the 3rd goal, open netter

4. Lindros sustains a career ending concussion in the celebration pile up after the game

5. Brett Hull attempts to claim gold medal saying he is Canadian afterall, "C'mon, my dad is the Golden Jet, of course I am Canadian"

6. Roenick and Tkachuk tie for first, as voted by Canadians, as the biggest arshole on the planet. Please note Brett Hull was not on the ballot for this poll due to him claiming Canadian status at the end of the game

7. Grudgingly Bobby Clark admits Gretzky did a better job than he did in Nogano, but adds "At least Lindros got hurt. I hate his parents."

Go Canada!!!!!!

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This is it, isn't it?

No more talk, no more hype, just one game to prove once and for all who is the greatest hockey nation on earth. Ignore the fact that our road here was a rocky one. Ignore the fact that it essentially is a six game tourament and on any given day, it could have been the Czechs, the Russians, the Belarussians...it's on.

Canada vs America.


For the gold.


All day.

The gold.

(sorry, I've been watching a little too much CBC over the past couple of weeks.)

Seriously, death to Chelios, Hull and Tkachuk(pray for a stray puck), glory to the Canucks. No predictions.

Grab your beer, your friends and your touques and hang on!


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