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I want to be in Royal Oak by 3.30. Meeting buddy at 4.15. I want to be there by then at the lastest. You see this being a problem?

If people have to work, then I guess they should take it off early. I don't want to be getting into Royal Oak at 7 or anything like that.

Kdog needs his junkidy junk time!

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My girlfriend and I are thinking about attending this fridays show....we will be coming from the Toronto area. What is the area like? Is there any motels/hotels etc. in the area? Is the area rough? Should we get there early? how early? My gf gets of work at three, but could probably get out a bit early. Is the show general admission? is it sold out?

Sorry for lots of questions but we'd really like to go.

Thanks in advance,


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The tickets for Ratdog are general admission, so my advise would be to show up early. I have never been to Royal Oak before, but our party has decided to get a room on this side of the border in Windsor so we don't need to take EVERYTHING across the border.

I got strip searched once. I'm a bit cautious about these things now.

Look for the flag!!! See you there.

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royal oak is a pretty cool town. the venue is great with lots of parking nearby. its kind of an upscale yuppy kind of town with lots of bars and a busy nightlife.ms. huxtable i'll keep an eye out for you! i'll be with a tall dude with a very bushy beard and a purple hat, as well as a few more buddies but he's a great landmark. steve i think hotel could be a bit pricey in that town so i would call first. hey nomad its been a while since you posted last! are you still bitter about the silver medal.hehe i don't think we're crashing in royal oak but we're probably game for a few post bobby cocktails and dubes. looking forward to meeting you all!!! cool.gif" border="0

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Yeah, Ms. Huxty. I'll be with the tall guy that ACE is talking about too. I don't know if he'll have 'Purple' on. He's got the most zanny head of blond curly hair. I mean, crazy curly hair. His name is Carrgo. We'll be hanging out in the parking garage to the left of the venue probably boozin it up.

American Nomad, I think me and Carrgo would like to take you up on that staying over option. Also two other cats. ACE is going in a van with a bunch of people so I'm assuming they are all not staying. So four of us I believe. cool? I'll give you a phone call tomorrow. thx!


You can get tix there if you're relatively eary I would think. I suggest getting there a few hours early and taking in the town. It's nice.

I did a little search for you. The Holiday Inn Express is $71.97US a night! shocked.gif" border="0


This ones in Warren, about 5 ot 10 minutes away. IT;s $45:


To do you own search, start at:


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hey ace freely. heather gets off with lots of time to spare. shoudl be at your house by 430. and i will call chewy tonight to get him on the bus too. estimated time of departure 445. bobby short shorts in the house. btw i listened to that show you gave me and i am still not that crazy about the wikky wikky wack. should be an experience. party!

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Sorry for the lack of posts leading up to the show. Quick explanation, I quit my job and I never felt better. I'm not getting another one, I'm starting my own and working for myself. I've been building the business for the past two weeks and already landed clients. So what I'm trying to say is that I'm not sitting in my office all day anymore. Harder to post on my own time.

Ace, Silvers alright I guess.

Hey everyone sorry for the delay in getting back with you about the accomodations. Backbacon, I've got room for 4 people NO PROBLEM. Just get in touch with me on my cell phone (again 734-765-5231). I will be in Royal Oak early, like 2ish Friday. What time will you be arriving?


You weren't kidding about the questions, holy bageebees man, but here's my attempt....

Royal Oak is very yuppy not rough at all. The Heads are always around because it is very artsy. Very high priced though. About 15 bars/clubs surround the venue within 1 mile. Any type of dancing you want! Coffee shops and restaurants on every corner, get the picture, you will on Friday. Hotels and motels throughout the area, none within the mile though. You may have to drive a few miles but be careful because if you go south about 3 miles you're in a pretty shady part of Detroit. I would advise getting there early so you and your girlfriend can check out the town, it is actually really cool. The show is GA and last I checked it was not sold out. I can offer you both shelter for the night but it may be floor space. If you get a hotel you will want to basically look North or East of Royal Oak. Like I said a few miles South is Detroit. WARNING: Do Not stay anywhere near, on or south of 8 Mile Road (a.k.a. Baseline). That would be a bad, bad area. For general understanding the venue is located between 10 and 11 mile Road between Main Street and Woodward Ave.

My friends Ken & Melissa have offered their house and my new house is about 1 1/2 miles from the venue (but 4 blocks from the Magic Bag in Ferndale, if anyone's been there?)

Don't worry, I'll hash (I said "hash") out all of the details before your arrival.

Can't wait to see you all!!!!

P.S. By the way Ace, I'd have no problem with the Silver if we didn't lose the Gold to a bunch of Canucks!!!! Okay, slightly bitter....

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Anerican Nomad:

It would be a good idea if we met at your house before. Can you give me some directions please. I assume I take I-75 to 9 mile and then up to Woodward. Will you wait there for me and Carrgo?

I've got a nice little package of shows done up for you so watch out! smile.gif" border="0

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Keri, here's the directions.

Take I-75 North to I-696

Take I-696 West toward Southfield/Lansing

Take 1-696 to Woodward Ave.

Get off at Woodward Ave.

Turn Southbound (Left) at Woodward Ave.

Take Woodward South, Just before 9 mile Rd there is a loop around to head North.

Go North on Woodward Ave. about 1 1/2 blocks

(Magic Bag will be on your right)

Turn right at first street past the Magic Bag,

East Breckenridge - Go down three blocks to stop sign (the street T's) turn left then quick right again on East Breckenridge.

Last house on the right

614 E. Breckenridge, Ferndale.

I will be there about 2p and you already have my cell number. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Peace Through Music,


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