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4/20 in Ottawa


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Well it is never too early to start thinking about a massive party.

April 20, 2002 will see Bela Fleck and the Flecktones open up for Dave Matthews at the Corel centre. Not a bad party... too bad it is over before 11pm......

No worries the real party will be afterwards at Babylon.

Nugget Productions presents.....

nero and Jomomma

Rotating sets.... Kitchener/Fredericton style

Babylon Night Club

Ottawa, ON


This is an event worth traveling for!!!!!

Make the pilgimage to the Jam Meca which we call Ottawa!!! Start planning now!


Also.... The Phish Sanctuary "what's On " box has been updated for Ottawa.

March Madness is coming.... March 5-8 2002 Just take the week off. www.ottawajams.homestead.com

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Guest Low Roller

4/20 just got a whole lot better apparently. If I'm not grinning and slurring my speech by the end of the evening I'll be quite disapointed...

How about organizing a bus from the Corel Centre to Babylon for those people that just gotz to get their party on?

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it was not meeee.

denise (my wife) does not dig on french canada too much for a couple reasons 1) i am from there and tear it up incessantly when i go back 2) my relatives all speak french way better than english

3) the only hood she even likes in montreal is NDG

for those of you who have not yet been to the warfield...

a world class establishment (ie a kickass peeler) called the crazy horse lies ass up against the warfield. frequently well known porn stars will take their clothes off for money there. it is very much like the peelers in vancouver or montreal as there is no pressure for lap dances and they do not have their hands out for $$$ after each song.

this week asian sensation giselle yum is perfoming star shows at 1, 5, 8, and 10.

you get in for $5 before 1pm. $10 before 5. then it goes up to $20 until 8 and $40 after 10

4/20 is a holiday i, but not the wife observe. so i will be hitting the horse before MMW

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