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I'm a Rock Star!!!!!!


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Originally posted by Phunky Cauldron:

Huh??? Please elaborate....I've been waiting a lot longer than a few months to be a rock star, but that dream never materialized. If you've got an inside track or a "Rockstar for dummies" book, let me know.

Phunky Cauldron



Member # 360

That is what they are talking about - so you ARE a Rockstar!

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This is very deflating on two fronts:

1) I've been a musician for 15 years, and I'm lucky to even get a few beers for a gig, so I definately am not a rockstar in that sense. More like a stoned blackhole, I guess. [Cool]

2) I've been a member for a lot longer than my sparkling Moonbeam, and she beat me to rockstar status. [Frown]

I shall hang my head, and cry into my beer now.

Just kidding. Congrats Mooner (I mean Moonbeam) [Wink]


Roadie Cheech

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congrats moonbeam!

maybe you can show cheech where the 'post' button is [Wink]

new member = roadie

40 posts = rockstar

500 posts = Hall-of-Famer

2500 posts = Legend

However, if you are a moderator or administrator...you don't get the those statusesez....

We should come up with new admin and mod titles.....

Ideas are highly welcome [smile]

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