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I picked up GratefuL Dawg on the weekend for 26.99 at the Future Shop.

It is excellent! The highlight for me is an extra track, a full length, uninterrupted version of Garcia/Grisman's "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman"

Heavily jazzed up, they jam it to town. It's incredible. I hope they actually release the full warfield show or even that Christmas show at Sweetwater. The people who were at that party were L-U-C-K-Y.

I was annoyed though that they didn't marry up alot of the footage in some of the music sections with the tune. It was wierd to hear Jerry's soloing, yet they'd put totally different footage of Jerry's fingers in a completely different solo/song.

I wonder why they interrupted the real footage with other footage in the perfomances?

Aside from that, it was great little journey through their bluegrassy careers.

It's interesting to see that the bluegrass scene back in the early 60's was much like the jamband scene of today. People jammin in parking lots before and after shows. I just love that.

Buy it even if you don't have a player. YOu will get a DVD player one day, so you may as well own it. Then you could take it to someone's house that has one but isn't aware of Jer.

It'd be a cool little lesson in music.

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