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question of the day - Funniest TV characters


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Guest Low Roller

Being an adult in COMPLETE denial, my favorite TV characters are almost all cartoons:

1- Brian (The dog from Family Guy)

2- Stewie (The baby from Family Guy)

3- Duckman

4- The Tick

T5- Uter (The foreign exchange student on the Simpsons)

T5- Gil (nervous guy with no self-confidence, always fucking up his job. Also a Simpsons character)

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1. HJS is by far the funniest man on TV.

2. Al Bundy

3. Oswald and Lewis from Drew Carey

4. Stu from Family Guy

5. and to round it all off.....Danny Bonaduci from the Partridge Family

Honourable mentions should go out to the likes of

-Carol Burnette

-Robin Williams of Mork and Mindy

-Woody of Cheers

This has been My Two Cents by Schwa.

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Without stating the obvious (Iggy and Homer)

Hmm, I guess I stated the obvious.

1 - Ricky - Trailer Park Boys (i am soooooo into this character at the moment)

2 - Woody - Cheers

3 - George Steinbrenner - Seinfeld

4 - John Belushi - SNL every character he played!

5 - Jamie Coleman and Kevin Murphy - Men Behaving Badly

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My choices for Funniest TV Characters.

3)The Simpson's Fisherman ("Argh")

2)Peter (Family Guy)

1)Triumph "The insult Comic Dog" (Conan O'Brien)

Did you notice the Westminster dog show was the other day. some of you will know what that means.. Conan will be sending Triumph to check it out again.. These skits are hilarious..

Never heard of him..Check this out


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