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Jerry Garcia Action Figure

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I think this 'action figure' is WRONG WRONG WRONG. Who's the skinny, fit guy with what looks sort-of like a strat? Jerry did not play a strat AND he was fat and unhealthy-looking.

It looks like they just took the extra Jesus action figures and put a purple shirt, glasses and a strat on him.


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Thanks Weezy, cause I was holding back..........

First off, this is a McFarlan, and I am incredibly disappointed. His stuff is usually (pardon the pun) 'dead on'.

Personally, I think Deborah Koons may have had a little too much involvement in this one.

Why couldnt they have at least used one of the Irwin ones?

(possibly, that whole lawsuit bullshit, but who knows)

Here are a couple of tidbits:

The Jerry Garcia Guitars



According to Steve Parish:

Jerry had about 25 guitars, but 70% of his time in the spotlight he played just 3, all custom built by the same luthier. His first was a Danelectro (age 15). His acoustic in the days with Robert Hunter prior to his switch to the banjo is uncertain. With the Warlocks in '65 he used a red Guild Starfire, also used on the 1st Dead albumn. After a series of Gibsons SGs, Les Pauls (with P90 single-coil pickups), and a couple of Teles (+ a Strat the "Alligator" from Graham Nash) he declared: "I don't like any guitars that are available. I'm trying to have a guitar built." Hence, the Travis Bean. He laughed upon first seeing it, but quickly changed his mind when he tried the custom aluminum-neck guitar made in San Francisco. He used a Vox wah-wah in those dayz.

In all honesty, I could have dealt with this Jerry figure, instead of that one. As long as they got it right!


(Notice the linkage to Deborah Koons, the figure, and the pic I put up. Why werent they true to Jerry and his fans?)

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