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Downtime setlist from today and last night


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Set 1

Dirt Jam>

Banana Split

Solar Slowdown>

Freeway Jam>

Gotta Jiboo


Set 2

1st Tube>


Dear Prudence

Tea Time

Chank (Could'nt Stand The Weather)

Travlin' Mama

Zenith Space Command>

Roses R Free>

Baba O'Reilly


Hocus Pocus

Hey PEIPunk - ass, correct me if I am wrong.

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And they did Freeewaaaayyy Jaaaammmm!!! (Sorry, I just had to say it...)

Actually, their FJ was different from Nero's, more like the one on "Jeff Beck With The Jan Hamer Group" then the one on "Blow By Blow"; a little punchier and more aggressive.

I think we should try to arrange a jam-off with Downtime and Nero (or maybe a three-way: Downtime, Nero, and GTB).


BRAD (Been Raving About Downtime)

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I think that Dear Prudence and Tea Time section was my favorite of the night. What a deep pocket of sound last night.

Wait a second, there is a glaring error with that setlist. Where the hell is 2001?


I think it is somewhere in the Zenith > Roses stuff but I dont see it right now.

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Hey you guys thanks alot for coming out on a Thursday night, I had a blast.... I just got out of bed after the graveyard shift on the drive back to TO...you are right Harpua, that's Travelin' Matt (so named from everybody's friend uncle Travelin' Matt from Fraggle Rock). As for next time, I think we are looking at early May...but I'll get back to you on that (promoter code). I must say, last night was a good example of the relationship between band and crowd, we saw the crowd (small but mighty) getting into it so we got into it. Thanks to those who came out and made that happen, and looking forward to the next show in Ottawa... you guys rule. Think I'll go back to bed now...

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