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What'cha listenin to??

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Skydog Gypsy- 9/29/01 from the GA Theater

Phish-6/23/95..Jimmy busts out his old ABBA record on this one!!

Garcia/Grisman-5/xx/95 The tape stolen from Gans

and put into circ

Tom Waits-Closing Time..classic

Allman Bros-Eat A Peach...another classic

For what its worth, that Skydog Gypsy band is pretty smokin!! you can down load the show in shn or mp3 from their site http://www.skydogypsy.com

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Here we go.....

GD - 5/8/77-sick

Bobby McFerrin - Circle Songs...this is one of the most original musical works I've ever heard. I love it...thanks Canned Beats for this and the 5/8/77

Greyboy - Land of the Lost

Phish 5/7/94 - The BoMb...Sick, sick tweezer

Nero - Halloween story 2000- gotta get in my Nero

Giggles grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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At home:

Scofield: Uberjam

Scofield: Time on my Hands

Pat Metheny: Speaking of Now

Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow

Herbie Hancock: Thrust

At work:

The Gourds: S/T

Lyle Lovett: Joshua Judges Ruth

David Gray: Lost Songs

In the Car:

Bruce Hornsby: Here come the musicmakers

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Yeah, these are always fun threads. 5 for me:

Southern Culture On The Skids - "Liquored up & Lacquered Down"

John Scofield Band - "Uberjam"

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention - "Freak Out!"

Charles Mingus - "Mingus Ah Um"

and of course....

The Beatles - "Please Please Me" ("ah-one-tow-three-FOUR!")

as for live stuff, I've been spinning Phish: 12/29-31/93 & 11/21-22/97; The New Deal: 1/15-16/02 and 2/15-16/02; and SCI: 10/27/01 & 10/30/01 (thanks again, Trevor).

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Phil 11-26-01 Beacon Theater

Drums & Tuba - "Vinyl Killer"

Hellborg, Lane, Apt. Q-258 - "Temporal Analogues of Paradise" - incredible and yes Velvet ill return the CD soon

JGB 7-24-80 Bushnell Auditorium (my favorite era of Jerry)

moe. 7-12-01 Central Park, NYC

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All the King Cordova I have is an analog board tape from the show they did here a month ago. The levels are awfull.... none the less... I can't stop listening to it... ask anyone who has been in my car over the last month.

King Cordova will be playing another show in Ottawa in early May... we will digitally record it then host it on-line.... details to come soon.

Sloth and Harpua will be getting their copies soon.... Thursday night if they come to the Cafe

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well...let's see...

Chicago Underground Duo, 12 degrees of freedom; CU2. synthesesia

the grassy knoll, III

¡AroogaFlow! , 3.10.02 (3 discs) Thanks giggles))

in my discman - (one disc at a time)

nero, is it morning?

MMW, the dropper

McFerrin, Circlesongs

i wish i had some tortoise or isotope 217...joan of arc, godspeed, mogwai, slowdive, tom spacey, microbunny, sianspheric, doves, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, trans am, dj shadow, massive attack, etc. there's loads of jamband stuff I want but loads of non-jam that i desire as well.

If you haven't already then check those bands out...great stuff.

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Yep. We started as "the missile defense jam" - playing alongside different DJ's in a little bar here in Van. - there were a few legendary nights. The first few posters said: "the missile defense jam plays music for them asses..." one thing led to another.....

the latest posters say: :...themAsses: "a sonic funktronic colonic" (?!)

you can see them here: http://communities.msn.ca/ThemAsseS

Expect some shameless promotion from me in the near future....

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