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nerolog, Stardate 030702


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nero @ the Paramount, Moncton, New Brunswick

My first time seeing nero in my hometown. They played there once before (at Doc Dylan's), but this was nero's first show at the Paramount. The Paramount used to be a twin movie theatre, now it's two bars, the Paramount being the nice funky smaller room (with a 200 gallon fish tank backing the stage with three scary fish and about a half dozen scared fish) and the Oxygen room being the big room. There was a Black Sabbath tribute band in the big room, which was pretty funny on a lot of levels. More familiar faces from this tour and the last ones and though the show got off to a weakish start, it picked up and the house got rocked.

Packed ‘er all up and Jay and I got in the bus to head home while Shane and Dave were going to a small gathering at the mansion in Shediac. Went to drop the bus into drive and the gearshift basically broke off in my hand. Hmmm. Managed to catch Dave and Shane and we kept humour firmly forced on our faces as Tony Iommi and Ozzy's lighting twins outwardly showed their hatred for us for (imperceptively) obstructing their load out. Half of us got a ride home and half of us went to the mansion. Awoke early and made repair arrangements, a skill I'm unfortunately getting lots of practise at. Borrowed my brothers van and headed out to Antigonish. Left Buddha at home on the bus.

Quote of the Day: "Nice box for storing the gear. You ought to jack it up and put a bus around it."



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