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nerolog, Stardate 030802


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nero @ Chuggles, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Yeehaw, back in the ‘nish! Flew into town and headed straight to the campus station for an interview. Maybe it was all the fatigue from the double-header of bus breakdowns, or just to break the monotony of answering the same questions every time, but a very silly interview ensued, to the point that I had to keep leaving the room to laugh like an idiot in the S.U.B. foyer.

First time playing at Chuggles. Nice layout, nice staff. Pretty good crowd out for this one, though there was some strange local competition for audience. Seems there's this big hockey game at St. FX and it's the biggest party weekend of the year. Sounds good, right? Well, turns out the party starts at around 9am on Saturday morning and most folks go to sleep early on Friday to prepare. Great. Fortunately, almost nobody was there for the first set, ‘cuz nero kinda sucked (except for hearing my first ‘Run Like Hell'), but about 50 people showed up at setbreak and were treated to a great second set, from the first note onward.

Went to a party after where I got loaded on Jagar and played guitar for about three hours straight. Shane and I got to a friends campus room around 5:30am for some sleep.

I was very rudely awoken at 9am (oh yeah, that's when the party starts) by a thousand soon to be drunken idiots in the hallway, and I was viciously hung over. Somewhat healed and definitely fed, I managed to pilot us off towards the great city of Halifax.

Quote of the Day: "nero opens for me, and I only do encores."


Moby's Dream

Miko Mard

Holetown Charlie>

Oregano Mice


Run Like Hell


Wata Bug

Speed Queen




Whispy Mountain Wonder


401 Theme

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