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A big hello to all.


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I'm just getting back up to speed after a few years of floating in and out of the cyberworld. I've got hundreds of shows on cassette, and will upgrading with cdrs eventually as I find them. Email me if anyone's interested in analog B&P or trades, no problem. Especially email me to trade shns too - Ive only got about 30 shows so far getting more quickly.

This isn't a full show and it's on cassette but wasn't listed in the BNB setlists so it may hard to find or of interest to you. If anyone's interested let me know.

Burt Neilson Band

2/18/99 Rose N'Crown, Banf,Ab

Set 1:Chevron, Back in the USSR, Down with the Sound, Speedbump, Moonshine, Beanie, Show me Your Soul

Set 2: Bellbottoms>Five Alive>Funkin' Shoes>Five Alive>Jack Lumber>Five Alive>Funkin' Shoes, Function, Anabananna>Waves, Be as One(cuts)

I'd love to trade for a copy of BNB 12/5/97 in Toronto at the Opera House if it's still around.


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Hey Lakehead,


Email me for a free 'Nice To Meet You' cd (sorry, not BnB, it will be Dead or Phish or SCI or PLQ, whichever I have sitting on my PC at work)

I will need your address.

(Apparently, just having Les Habs in a 2-2 position after 2 periods is a great reason for me to be happy tongue.gif" border="0 )

Burt was fantastic at Alfie's last night. The first 2 tunes of the second set blew my skull!

Very nice 2nd set.

"How nasty was that?"

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