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I saw them with blue quarter at PJC on tuesday, i was blown away by blue 1/4. that guy with the stick was kicking my ass, really really really really good, ive never seen a stick before then, and it was rocking. a few weeks ago i saw someone playing a custom 8string at the staircase, it was good, but not as good as blue quarter. then d&t came on, my old friend lunchie used to play a tuba, but not like that, some of the noises that guy was getting were great. and the drummer was amazing, that box of goodies he had was great, that little orange scrathypad thingy, WOW, i want one. now.

all in all a great night, drums n tuba were great, they had that techno ish, rollin your face off till 4am vibe going for me, and blue quarter had the funk in their trunk.

sanzwill tonight wooooooooohooo

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