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Trailer Park Boys


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As far as I know, they're starting a new season - so It'll be episode 7 - we've got em' all on tape... I can really relate to Ricky

Trailer Park Boys website

For those that don't know, it's a mockumentary that takes place in Nova Scotia - the brilliance is in the characters.. Mr Lahey (who thinks he's a cop, but isn't) and his partner that never wears a shirt - but you don't know why. and Julian the main character, who ALWAYS has a rum n' coke in his hand whether he's driving or talking to his grandma or whatever - Rickey is the best... At first, it seems like really bad Canadian acting, but it's hilarious.

sorry about sounding redundant but... WATCH THIS SHOW! - it is truly original.

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i like jono

has anyone seen smart ask? (it's the new "funky" reach for the top) check out the host of that sometime, he's pretty funny

ok back to trailer park boys - i haven't seen it, i sure hope i remember to watch it (though i know i wont, i have no memory left - usually i'd take a polaroid of this thread to remember, but i bet i'd do something stupid like write 'do not trust this show' on it - then all would be lost)

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