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interesting drinking anecdote


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an excerpt from michael j fox's biography about a short drinking spell he went through after being diagnosed...

just the level of quick wine drinking shocked me a little - that's gotta be a lot of wine in about 2 minutes....


"At the end of the workday I'd drink a couple of beers in my trailer, having a couple more as my teamster driver shuttled me home. At dinner, I'd ask Tracy if she wanted wine. I'd select a bottle, pour us each a glass, then take the bottle back into the kitchen under the pretense of returning it to the refrigerator. In my other hand, I'd be carrying my own wine glass," Fox writes.

"Once in the kitchen, I'd quickly polish off the bottle, throw it in the recycle bin and extract an identical bottle from the wine rack. I'd open it and swill enough to lower the level of liquid so it matched that of the first (bottle) when I'd left the living room."

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