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jay sanislo

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Thanks Willy for havin us last night (sorry about the unexpected guests last night)

I definetly had a blast playing last night, i think it was one of are better nights (except for near the end).

Hey Willy i think i left something at your house last night [Wink] , If your coming monday night maybe you can bring it along.

Anyways thanks to all who made it and dont forget about ST PHATTYS DAY, it gonna be a blast.

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I bet steve , all i remember is lookin out the window and seein your head out of the car, lookin fowards and seeing drums.

thanks for having us over willy, nice place you got there, thank you for the hospitality.

yeah steve it would have been different if it was an older sis's friends, and it would have been different if one of the ppl in my bed wasnt a guy. little freeks lol, i woke up and came down theyre all whitefacemakeup and black eyes and shit, to each their own i suppose.

lol i want to be an icp clown, maybe ill just start painting my face like a clown, would that be cool?

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i had a fuggin blast last night, but it went to shit when i got home and there was kids in my bed

i guess my lil sis had some ppl stay over unannounced, it was a shock, but i wasnt in much of a mood to talk other then wtf are you doin in my bed....

boo urns

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