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nerolog, Stardate 031002


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nero @ The Capitol, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Though we were all a bit nervous on whether or not we would make it to Fredericton, much less home after getting the apocalyptic third degree on the vehicular situation from my dad, we were all happy to be back on the bus. Oil pan, gear shift and antifreeze leak all somewhat repaired, we frolicked in the relative roominess of our road-abode all the way down the new highway and found our way to the Capitol. Now, this was an add-on gig that we just booked about four days previous, and the bar isn't usually even open on Sundays. There's your disclaimer.

The place was, and remained, quite barren. The crowd peaked at around ten, and that was when most of Caution Jam showed up ‘cuz they were stuck in town with what turned out to be a blown engine. That said, there were a half dozen or so folks through the door who really liked the show and had a great time, not to mention having one of the nero tour regulars being there to keep me company.

Time and space had a lot to do with the two sets of music that followed. Very different than most nero shows; very loopy, very Tricky-type jammy, very trance-y. Sorry Dave, but I gotta mention the part about Cynthia telling me that she thought your fly was open and how it took about ten minutes to determine that yes indeed your fly was alllll the way down, and had been for some time. I wonder if anybody else had noticed. Everyone sure did when I told you. Living every performers nightmare. Thank ye gods there was hardly a soul there.

Packed up and had a party on the bus with Caution Jam as we drove back to the motel (we were staying in the same place). We joined the band downstairs for a noise complaint around 4:20. I thought it was bad that the four of us were stuck in just one room with a couple of cots...Caution jam is a six piece!

Made it up to the room in time to catch the Miami Vice episode with Frank Zappa as the bad guy and passed out. Jay got up at 5:30 and caught a flight back straight to work. What a trooper. Shane, Dave and I got up at noon and spent the day wondering if the bus was going to make it back. Sure enough it was all just parental propaganda; we made it back without a hitch after another great time out east. Really a bit of training ground. This was nero's longest tour so far, nine shows in eleven days, and a good warmup for the west coast tour which starts in April and will last about six weeks and be about thirty shows. If it's half as much fun and only twice as many hassles, it'll be more than worth it. Shelah.

Quote of the Day: "Keep comin'..a little farther...Okay, whoa. Whoa. WHOA! WHOAWHOAWHOAWH....Pull ahead pull ahead!!! Say nothing!"


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Linus & Lucy>

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Miko Mard

Speed Queen


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