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April Nuggets


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Hey Ottawa Sactuarians......

Here is what Nugget Productions has on the horizon for March, April and May

Homestyle w/ Stairwell K

Saturday March 23

The Bayou

Aaron MacDonald Band

Friday March 29

The Bayou

Blue Quarter

Wednesday April 3

Mercury Lounge

Jambolaya w/ Quivertwist

Friday April 12

The Bayou

nero w/ Jomomma

Saturday April 20


Days of You w/ Dr. Huxtable

Saturday April 27

The Bayou

Downtime w/ TBA

Saturday May 4

The Bayou

Also look for King Cordova, Drums and Tuba, and hopefully some Frontier Town travelers in May

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Notice the lack of Deckuf and the ADDITION OF DAYS OF YOU!

Too fucking sweet, I must thank you again for grabbing them DoubleB. You done did gud.

mrs peterson: that's fine yeah...but listen. you've had enough to drink today.

julian: i've only had a couple drinks today.

mrs peterson: please don't drink anymore that's your fifth one.

julian: i've only had a couple i'm not drunk ya know? i just had a couple drinks.

mrs peterson: you're goin' to be if ya drink that all.

julian: well, well i don't get drunk. i can drink more than like...than the average person. this is all i do. well ya know?

mrs peterson: okay...well listen. after this, how about drinkin'...when you're not with me.

julian:can you hold this for a second i'm just gonna grab the dog. here c'mon little buddy. oops...almost spilled. sorry about that.

mrs peterson: i see the tear in your eye.

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Nice Job double B... keep'em comin'! Looks like we can look forward to lots more fun in the near future. I'm hopin drums'n'tuba works out cuz that is a band I'm real curious about. I gotta say that i'm already missin' Deckuf. Something should be done to work out whatever differences may exist cuz it is way too sweet a room to let go of.

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