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DMX gets probation..

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DMX Gets A Year Probation

Rapper DMX was sentenced on Friday to a years probation, fines of close to $35,000 US and mandatory participation in a Humane Society PSA. This sentencing hearing finalized a plea bargain reached by the rapper’s Lawyer and the Bergen County Prosecutor which took place in January. The charges against the rapper came after police obtained a warrant for his home in 1999 while investigating the shooting of the rapper’s manager and uncle. At the home they discovered loaded weapons, 13 pit bulls that were obviously not being cared for and drug paraphernalia. DMX addressed the court on Friday saying, “What brought me here was an unfortunate incident. I’m getting older. I’ve done all my running around. I want to spend more time with my family"

sure ya do. i dont know why i thought this was funny and post worthy, but there ya go..

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