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Got New Trey?


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Shain, good call.

I totally forgot about the album coming out/don't care too much/not usually big on albums. It just showed up on the jamhub, just like alot of other interesting stuff does. Which I must admit is my main motivation for this post, to get more people no Direct Connect and sharing good music.

jamhub.dyndns.org -250GB- Canada's answer to shnapster

shnapster.dyndns.org -3.2TB- the internets answer to music

Jay, Im preparing a FAQ as we speak, will have it ready soon.

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Here is the DirectConnect how-to. If you have high-speed internet and you like jamband music, this is were you want to be.


Go to the neo modus website and download the Direct COnnect install


and download the Direct Connect (Full Install).

2. Install Direct Connect.

3. Connect to jamhub. Click the Connect button , a "Connect To Hub:" dialog box will come

up. WHere it says "Address:" type in my hub's server name, which is ==>>>


then click connect.

THen youll see the windows fill with information about the hub, the list of online users will display whoevers connected and what not.

Once there, there is chat area where you can ask for more help. Let me know if you have any problems. But I definitely suggest you give it a try. Good luck!

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(Hmm, I should probably let you all know that I didnt listen to this album in the lineage it is coming out as)


This album is so different.

Its great really. "Funky as hell" as I was told.

Right now I am listening to dirty Trey tones in a deep groove. Hearing 2 Treys is always a bit bizarre. Night Speaks To A Woman, I believe she's called.

Driftin' will soon be a favorite of many of those that dont get it now. Cayman Review is fun as hell and Trey loses ALL his shit during Last Tube. Push on Til the Day is over 7 minutes long, and that is all we could have dreamed for, lovely build to this one. Much like the rest of the album. Its an album, and a great one.

Ray Dawn Balloon?

Fahget about it!

Farmhouse should have been produced like this. It was and it wasnt..........

(Hmm, I hope I let you all know that I didnt listen to this album in the lineage it is coming out as)

By the way, this jamhub is freakin WICKED Grum. The Toastmaster will never get the Toaster award just because he is a library.

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First listen opinions......

Lots of good summer memories flooding back. I think alot of this stuff will be good patio shit. I'm liking just about everything. Compared to the summer were everything is loosy-goosy, the horns and especially the keys are really coming through. Last Tube and Push exceeded all expectations. Pretty songs Drifting (and near the end, Flock of Words)

Biggest Disappointments: Night - does little for me

Money,loveand change - yikes, too much tinkering, MUCH prefer the original tour version (think the way it starts the whole way through)

Overall though, super strong effort. Great producing and possibly Trey's greatest success in the studio since Ghost.



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Yes it does, you might need to set to Passive Mode. But should be fine. Also , ya if you set up a proxy switcheroo that should help too.

Loving the Trey album, but due to ethics, I've decided to stop sharing it myself, like Shain said above, its fun waiting for it. But there are others who are still sharing it. BTW: The album rocks.

AD, will you be at Burt tonight?

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