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Anyone interested in these?


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Hey all, just figured out how to use direct connect. The etree server we've been running has been down for awhile, but we've got quite a few gems on the hard drive here that you folks might be interested in. So my question to you is, what would you like to see me share.....

sci - 4-20-01.dnk (one of the finest sbd's I've heard), 10-31-01, 12-28/29/31-01, 11-16-00

phish - 4-18-92, 11-14-97, 12-11-97.sbd, 9-12-00.fm - set 2 only, 7-6-98.vcd (highly recommended - picture close-ups of trey's grimacing mug during this fiery fiery fiery fiery fiery Piper)

oysterhead - 10-27-01HBO special - three video files - fantastic quality, interviews included - the first time I'd ever enjoyed oysterhead

oh yeah and there's a SKB show as well but not sure if it's complete - 11-11-01

So yeah, I'll make some or most or all of these available if there's interest out there


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