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DATS info need (Blane around?)


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Im searching hi and low, my order from the states ended up in Talahassee Florida somehow.

I called steves, a box of 10 125's is $107. Is it just me , or is this = alot of money. Seems like its about 4 times the price as at oades.com. Any info would be great, especially before 5:00.

Also, how often should I clean the deck. I understand these DAT cleaners have a limited lifetime, so I dont want to overclean.

Also, anybody have an extra Socket 7 CPU heat sync and fan. The one on the jamhub computer stopped, and if I dont get one soon, the jamhub could crash and burn, literally. I've called around for them, but people just laugh at me, when I tell them that I need this old piece of equipment.


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Graham, I have a cleaner. No worries. You clean every 50 hours of use. PLay the tape 10 seconds and then take it out. Once you've played the tape through, toss it. Never reuse it.

Call office depot and staples graham. They may have 60meter tapes, for like 7bucks each or something. Still a complete ripoff, but that's the best you can do here. Like I've said before NEVER, EVER buy dats in canada if you can avoid it. They're like the biggest ripoff imaginable. Get Masterpiece or Pro Digital to send you their $1.90 tapes and buy a lot when you do.

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