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Herbie? Newdeal??


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yeah no kidding....paul? sloth? blane? how was it?

all i know is that BNB on saturday night ROCKED!

killer show/encore (nice RUNDMC "it's tricky" and "sultans of swing")

the place was packed, and the scenery was great!

the drive up left something to be desired, I doubt i've driven through such terrible conditions since a smiths falls last-ditch smoke-athon a few years back?

huge thanks to Blane for the hospitality smile.gif" border="0

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hood after approx 45mins of non-stop joints (approx. 10-15 joints) in the middle of the worst snow storm of the year: "Those snow-flakes look mesmerizing!!!"

Moments (literally) later

Giggles and other passanger: "Oh shit!!!"

Result: Three very, very stoned individuals, nearly in the drink (a small pond) talking to a farmer, very early in the morning who was nice enough to pull us out.

Giggles grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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