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Got down at moe.down..................

Northern Wish

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moe.down, Sugarloaf Mountain, Base Lodge.


It was oh so far north into Maine, that having just moved out to Saint John, NB from Ontario I was half way back home.

We arrived down in Carrabassett Valley around 6 o'clock, and had to get things moving in a hurry. Having travelled through a border, we were all "Travelin Light" and had to acquire some local produce. First of all this is one hell of a mountain! The sheer size blew me away and when we stepped out of the car, we were all reminded we were up pretty high. It was sooooo cold on Friday night, the wind was blowing and it was snowing. From my vantage point in the lodge I could see up the mountain at the snow machines at work! The band certainly found an amazing spot for this little event (There were approx. 500- 800 people in the place, with both nights totally sold out). THe band took the stage by 9 both nights, and pretty much played from 9-10:30, and 11:15-12:45, all four were much longer sets than usual.

Friday night got started pretty quickly and thanks to some Canadian duty free beer, slightly messy. The band simply stunned the crowd on Friday night, as the two and a half week layoff seemed to give them a ton of energy. I am a little unschooled in moe. and this was my third and fourth shows, and first since 1999. That being said, some of the older material is nearer to my heart.

03/22/02 Sugar Loaf Ski Resort

Set 1: Seat of My Pants, Faker > Moth, None Fucked River*, new Chuck tune > Timmy Tucker

First set highlights included a sweet segue into Moth out of Faker which really seemed to set the tone, for the all out jamfest that was moe.down. The Timmy Tucker to close the first set stood out as there were several movements in the jam and a distinguishable Drum+Bass segment that was just freakin GROOVY.

Set 2: 32 Things, Okayalright, Captain America > Rise > Recreational Chemistry, E: Cornflake Girl*

Comment: * debut

The second set got started wonderfully with 32 Things, but the real "meat" was at the end of set 2, which stands as the longest jam I have seen these guys play. Captain America had to clock in at over 25 minutes and melted into Rise. The following 30 minutes was indescribeable as I witnessed some of the most intense guitar soloing on stage since FZ. Chuck and Al tore back and forth at each other unleashing on the Rec Chem and closing the set off with a bang.

The encore was Tori Amos' 'Cornflake Girl' which was an outstanding cover (though I think it was more welcomed by me than some others in attendance).

Second night was tough to get myself up for. After heaving my way to breakfast, I spent the day horizontal and trying to get some energy for the night... moe. helped in that department.

03/23/02 Sugar Loaf Ski Resort

Set 1: St. Augustyne, Bring it Back Home > Happy Hour Hero, Spine of a Dog > Buster

St. Augustyne opener? And then followed up by the best set, I have seen these guys play or have heard on tape or cd. The energy level was through the roof throughout Bring it Back Home> Happy Hour Hero was killer as Chuck brought out the Squakbox (made famous by Frampton)and they jammed out for a solid 15 minutes again touching on some Drum + Bass themes (or am I just dying for some more New Deal?). The Spine of a Dog> Buster contained the best segue of the weekend with full on steel drum tones by Al, and an amazing percussion interlude.

Set 2: Understand, Kids, Kyle, Conviction*, Lazarus -> Rebubula, E: The Weight

Comment: * debut

I have to admit that the meat of the second set was beyond me. I have yet to hear alot of that material and was a little tired by that point. The jamming in Kids was superb as Al tooled around on keys, and rolling thunder continued on with the percussion. But Rebubula was just so good that the whole second set could have been Lazarus>Rebubula and everyone would have been happy. During the crazy bass lick that leads into the lyrics, I had a "moment" which doesn't happen so much anymore after hundreds of shows over the years. I just 'got' moe. full on. I could then understand why my friend who dragged me along told me "moe. is the best touring band right now." From the xylophones, to the percussion, to the crazy guitar riffs and time signatures and of course those catchy as hell choruses..... I just got it. Then the band encored with "The Weight" which I think I heard before Al even touched his guitar. It was just the right vibe and I had a feeling I would be seeing one of my new favorite bands playing something by one of my all timers. And it was worth it. They nailed the harmonies, and sealed the deal.

Thanks to all the cool New Brunswickers that made it down (there were so many of us, a security guard thought we had taken a bus trip), to the pholks at Judsons- the coolest motel on Earth!, and to JB and B-dog for dragging me along......

I am a moe.ron


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wooo-hooo! Sounds like it was a blast! If money were no object I would have been there for sure!! But seeing how its not, I will just live vicariously through you. (hope you don't mind grin.gif" border="0 )

32 things AND recreational in the same set, what a great treat. Hope to see you at shows in the future!

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Nice report man. I was so tempted to pull the trigger and do Moe. Friday and Saturday and stop to see Herbie on Sunday! Still my weekend wasn't so bad. Glad to hear Moe is still throwing down hard as ever...Hearing you report is making me itch to see'em. Syracuse on April 18th...anyone down with a road trip?

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