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AMB Blowout!!


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Last night at the Bayou saw the Aaron MacDonald band play Ottawa's latest NUgget.

The room was packed early with Nova Scotia allum, it seemed everyone in the room knew eachother and the night acted as a reunion of sorts. It was a strange experience to be in a room where everyone knew everyone and I knew no one..... stange and wonderfull to be on a new and different scene.

The first set was a very folky/rootsy east coast rock experience. Many of those in the room knew the words to many of the songs and were not shy about singing and dancing along. The second set was a jamfest with a number of tunes jamming into great grooves.

The band did very well at the door and sold many CD's. It was a fun and sucessfull night for everyone. Nice to see the Dekcuf stragglers wonder in for the final set and post show cheer.

See ya all on Sunday

Don't forget

Mark Wilson and the way it is

Tuesday April 2

The Bayou

Blue Quarter

Wednesday April 3

The Bayou

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