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PLQ last night - I cant wait for TO


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Phil & Friends 3.29.02

Warfield Theater - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:


*Til the Morning Comes>

My Favorite Things Tease>

Eyes of the World>

^The Real Thing>

The Wheel>


*1st time

^1st time - new Warren song from new album:

There and Back Again

Set 2:


Midnight Train (WH)>

New Potato Caboose>

Night of 1000 Stars>

*Sittin' on Top

of the World (RB)>

*Standin' on the Moon

Cryptical Envelopment>

Other One>

Good Lovin'

E: Cosmic Charlie

*1st time

Let's get serious here, Til The Morning Comes?

That had to spark some madness!

I will let everyone know as soon as I find out who sang Standing On The Moon........

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Here is a quick review:

Show last night was something incredibly special, kinda like the last show I saw at the Roseland Ballroom in New York last April. There were some of those raw earthquake floorshaking sonic booms throughout the night: namely in Wheel>Passenger, Other One>Good Lovin, and here and there throughout whenever it so possessed Phil to unleash the sonic fury. The whole band sounded tight. It's really something else to hear Phil's bass in these small little auditorium-theatres. When I used to see the Dead at large venues that subtle nuances of sound were lost to the roar of the massive audience. But now the sound just completely drowns out that murmurous droning mum-hum of audience and it gives way to pure unadulterated SOUND. It's kinda like plugging your spinal-cord into the soundboard. The show last night was an affirmation: God is Sound

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So, my hopes and dreams came true regarding this one. Warren sang Standing On The Moon!


Here are the other setlists thus far:


Set 1:

Casey Jones> Jam>

Pride of Cucamonga

*Roadrunner (WH)>

Broken Arrow>

No More Do I>

I Know You Rider

Set 2: Jam>

I Am the Walrus>

Millenium Jam>

The Eleven>

+Again and Again (RB)>

Terrapin Station>

Caution (*with words)>


E: ^Aiko-Aiko>


*1st time

+1st time - new

Herring/Hunter from:

There and Back Again

^last time played 7.3.99

And here's 04-01-02

Set 1: Jam>

Cold Rain & Snow>


St. Stephen Tease

Friend of the Devil>


+Welcome to the Underground (WH)>

St. Stephen Tease>

She Said, She Said>


+1st time - from

There and Back Again

Set 2: Jam>

Cumberland Blues

Hard to Handle>

St. Stephen Tease>

Brown Eyed Women

*Alice D. Millionaire (RB)> *Candyman (PL)>

St. Stephen Tease>

Viola Lee Blues>

Golden Road

E: Brokedown Palace

*1st time played

Ok, once again, let's get serious here.



I love the fact they teased St Stephen THREE times. HAAHAHAHHAHA....suckers......

I bet the PLQ didnt do no NA NA, NA NA, NA NA NA NA NA!

and Jimmy Herring wrote a song?


Is that an April Fool's joke too?


My lord. What is even left for the PLQ?

You just know Phil still has a ton in his back pocket.

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